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We value transparency, integrity, innovation and free thought.  Sound like a good place to be?  We think so.

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Here at Fyrefly, we exist to help those serving the world (non-profits, educators and human-service organizations) employ technology to ensure they make the biggest impact possible.

We’re a smart, quirky, happy-go-lucky start-up that is positioned to lead our industry in strategic marketing planning, all-in-one CRMs, websites, donor management, data collection and communiation outreach services.

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Finding non-profits that need technology help, teaching them why they need help, how Fyrefly is a unique solution and setting appointments that lead to contracts.

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We would love to hear from you!  If there is an open and posted position you are interested in, please view that job posting and click “Let Us Know You’re Interested” by filling out our job application form.  If you have general interest about working with Fyrefly in a capacity not listed, please use the form to the left to jot us a note and we’ll get back with you promptly. 

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