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Fyrefly Group provides the strategy, branding, and digital marketing needed to improve your visibility, engage your audiences, and make the impact you’re looking for.

Our Services

We bring you the strategic intelligence needed to address your multi-layered branding and online marketing challenges. Our research and analysis yields insight used to craft strategy and inform creative execution that delivers measurable results.

Market Research

We gather information on who your competitors are, how you stack up against them, what your audience wants and what needs to be done to get ahead.

Strategic Blueprints

Step-by-step marketing plans that outline every step needed to get reach your set goals. We can also manage your team to implement your approved plan.


Your logo and visual brand encapsulates everything you are, what you offer and how you make a difference. Our job is to get it right.

Web Design

Needing a new website or re-designed one? A landing page, an updated social media presence? We’re standing by to deliver on time and in budget.

Marketing Automation

Whether you need email or text marketing, a new program or product launch, or simply to effectively communicate with your tribe, we’ll make it happen.


Have the tools (Mailchimp, WordPress, Social Media, etc.) but don’t know how to effectively use them? General technology to marketing to website and content writing, we’ve got you covered.

ready for more?

You know where you want to go but have trouble creating the blueprint outlining the actions needed to get you there? It’s time to see measurable results. Let’s turn your business ideas into revenue and your marketing efforts into new customers.


The first step to successful projects is great communication. Our consultations are always free-of-charge, once we understand your unique needs and the goals, we move forward. Never before.


Once we both understand your unique challenges and goals, do we begin to gather the data and research information that will provide you with a customized solution.


The blueprint is now crafted and the resources needed to reach your goals are outlined. Now, it’s time to implement. This is how we produce measurable results that matter to your organization.

Plan for a better Future

The resources you set aside for marketing, including your logo, website, content creation, SEO, social media presences and your ads should be doing something for you. Don’t build a website because “someone” says you have to have one. Don’t put energy into your presence on Facebook or Instagram because that’s, “what you should do.” Don’t do anything before you know what goals you’re setting out to achieve. Need more leads, larger donors, an expanded volunteer or member base, increased online sales? Let us work with you to create a blueprint that’s guaranteed to work.


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Our Specialties

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Branding
  • Online marketing consulting
  • Training
Though we are involved and able to provide you with everything needed to get you where you are looking to land; market research, clarification, marketing strategy, organization | business planning, beautiful branding, working websites, landing pages, sales funnels, content writing and launched email or text campaigns, our favorite part of what we do, is seeing your mission accomplished and your dreams come true. Impact the world, we’re here to help.

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We are grateful for those who have given us the opportunity to serve them.

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What Does Fyrefly Do?

Fyrefly is a marketing agency that focuses on helping businesses, organizations and non-profits in the social service sector to develop effective brands, marketing and communication campaigns that make an impact. In our agency, you are the center of our work. We are built around you. Your mission becomes our mission. Your goals, our goals. We understand the passion for creating social change and recognize the need for a partner fluent in business and technology that can understand the passion and translate it into numbers. Residing at the intersection of passion and business, we bring value to those that need it most – the world-changers.

Visit our services page for an outline of how we can help.

Why Should You Choose Us?
Fyrefly has been involved in online marketing since the dawn of the internet.  As we grew, our passion for helping those who help others, grew.  Today, our goal is to give you a clear understanding of the scope of internet marketing and what it can do for you and your organization.

You are the center of our work. We only provide customized solutions. Once a unique plan has been created we walk with you on your journey by providing intelligent research, insightful consulting, strategic planning, collaborative implementation and personalized training.  When you choose us, your marketing plan and efforts will be crafted around you – where they should be – reaching the people you care about.

For a full list of provided services, please see our services page.

How Can We Help?
You could easily spend 500 hours or more preparing a strategic marketing plan or business plan even if you have an MBA. Instead of spending your team’s time randomly posting to social media or building your own website with Wix, GoDaddy or Squarespace or even worse starting with WordPress and then giving up. You should spend this time, building your team, educating your donors, connecting with your clients and customer base.

In addition to Fyrefly’s expertise in taking care of everything you need to feel great about your brand and watch your numbers increase, we are able to provide you with an outside perspective to your business or organization and may raise questions and provide insights you may not have thought to explore.

Connect with us today and see how together we may be able to more effectively impact the world.

Managing your brand can be more than overwhelming…let us help.

With so many different “tools” out there, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, not to mention a website and brand knowing what to do when, with what program, and how can be confusing to say the least.  Everyone, even experts, disagrees on how you should implement your online marketing. Build a site, do SEO, improve Google ranking, post on social media, start texting.

Our Partners

A few of brands we work with to provide you with the customized solution(s) you need.

In just the first three weeks of signing our contract, Fyrefly's team assisted us in creating new systems that allowed us to land five new projects. The entire process of creating a new website has been informative and educational. At the end of six months, we've improved our lead generation and revenue base by 320%.

Miranda Hoefert

CEO, Next Gen Electric

Let Us Help You Grow

We've been helping motivated people, groups, businesses, and organizations to clarify their desired direction, assembling intelligent research into solid plans that lead the way, producing the visual concepts, design, and materials (logos, websites, collateral) needed to arrive. Along the way, we stand by ready to help with implementation and management needs or provide you with whatever training you may need to reach your destination.