CLIENT: Idaho Child Welfare Training Center

A long-time social service organization located in Coeur d’Alene and in partnership with Eastern Washington University, Idaho Child Welfare Research Training Center provides many different avenues of support for Idaho youth and their families under the direction of Kim Fordham.  Spanning five different funded programs (including Idaho’s Wednesday’s Child and One Church One Child programs) and two states, ICWRTC looked to Fyrefly to create a cohesive brand, message, and website that brought together all the organization offered to the community.

Several interactive features including online event registration, filterable and auto-updated informational meetings and others, as well as its base framework,  were built from the ground-up by Fyrefly in collaboration with ICWRTC’s needs. Overall, the website contains a rich back-end database that includes the ability to track and follow up with site visitors, communicate via social media and integrated newsletter/mail campaigns as well as full-featured event booking and donor attraction.

Despite a brief interlude due to a change in ICWRTC’s funding partners, Fyrefly has once again been contracted in April of 2018 and is currently tasked with refreshing the design of ICWRTC’s online presence including conducting market research, planning, branding, and messaging for their five separate programs.

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